European Maritime Day 2015 – Matchmaking Event. 28 May 2015, Piraeus, Greece Print

Kuupäev(ad): 28.05.2015
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European Maritime Day 2015 – Matchmaking Event

28 May 2015, Piraeus, Greece


PRAXI Network and National Documentation Centre EKT/NHRF, members of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas, are inviting you to participate in the international networking event held in the framework of European Maritime Day Conference 2015 (EMD) on the 28th of May 2015 in Piraeus, Greece. Participants will have the opportunity to expand their international network, explore new ideas and develop cooperation possibilities by booking in advance face to face meetings focusing on their target areas maximizing the outcomes of their experience.


EMD Conference is the main annual event of European Maritime Day, organised by the European Commission – DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and it welcomes Europe’s growing maritime community, with industry professionals from across the EU joining policymaker to discuss, debate and exchange best practices. Participants come from ports, shipping industries, clusters, environmental associations, trade unions, scientific and research institutions, education, and local, regional, national and European authorities, amongst others.


Main topics:


Maritime Industries:

Maritime Policy

Coastal Areas and Ports

Maritime Environment and Protected Areas

Maritime and Shipyard Technologies and Equipment

Maritime Services, Transport and Shipping

Maritime and Port Security

Skills and Training


Blue growth:


Coastal Tourism

Marine Biotechnology

Ocean Energy

Seabed Mining

Marine Research, Development and Innovation


Practical information:


For registration please visit:

The registration in the matchmaking event is free of cost. Participants need to register for the EMD Conference first.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Vaya Piteli, +30 2310 552791,

Ms. Katerina Minadaki, +30 210 3607690,