Final conference – Scarred Youth – What can the EU do? Print

Kuupäev(ad): 04.12.2017 – 05.12.2017
Toimumisaeg: 12:00 – 14:00

Ten years after the onset of the financial crisis, unemployment and job insecurity are still challenges that affect young people in all European countries. The NEGOTIATE project reveals that despite convergences in policies there are still significant divergences in outcomes between countries and bad luck in timing of labour market entry leaves scars on the young. In a strongly differentiated European context, where differences in risks and opportunities for young people within and between different countries grow, is there ground for common policies? Are good practices transferable from one context to another. What have we learned? Please find attached the draft program for the conference.

Rue Archimède 17

17 Rue Archimède

1000 Bruxelles